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Tune in tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern on the Civilized Creatures Podcast Network Facebook page for Episode 4 of POTRT with Larry from the @drinkswithlarry podcast, and comedian @authoramylyle, and judging the competition is @richardtillman_
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This episode we're joined by @IWBpodcast for Truman Capote's groundbreaking true crime book, In Cold Blood. Learn about saucy boys, stupid murderers, and also Pitbull. Again. We're so sorry.

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New Episode:

@theisb comes by the show to take a look at Danger Girl and the #PS1 game that came out with it.

Intro from @ATGNPodcast

Promos from @thedirtybitspod and @OhNoLitClassPod

Maturity level brought by nobody.

It's #ff again! This week we're all about our network. Check out:


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