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This week’s #podcast is the 100th episode! We’re celebrating by doing an awesome #Nintendo backpack #giveaway, highlighting celebrity interview clips along w/ answering listener questions!

Ask me anything below for entry into the episode’s live giveaway this #ThrowbackThursday!


People keep asking me over & over & over again- "When will they release the #EpisodeIX trailer?"
A) I don't know.
B) Until they do, just be satisfied with this exclusive look at my own personal #StarWars trailer.
#PatiencePadawans #IXWillBeFineAllInGoodTime

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New episode! Tune in as I’m joined by Paul Zaloom, who played our favorite the wacky scientist Beakman from Beakman’s World!

We talked about Beakman’s international rock star status, Bill Nye, career projects and answered listener questions!

Tune in!

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