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Recorded a Civilized Creatures entertainment network rountable about Tiger Woods last night w John from @unbelievablypod and Brad and April from @ConvoXpodcast. We had a great time. Be on the lookout for it. @Joe_Bouley @Jodieb501 @DrinksWithLarry @Blunt_Mommy @Whos_right_pod

Someone sent me this pic of what they call Confused Batman and 'Why am I here?' Robin

1) Whats going on with #Batman's uniform?
2) Why does Batman have his name across the Bat Symbol?
3) What's happening with Batman's eyes?
4) What exactly is #Robin thinking?

So many questions!

HARK! NEW Episode 67: "House Shoes of Usher" is now available! Kick off your shoes and enjoy! #dontdothegoo


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