Sit down, grab a drink, and join the conversation!

NEW! It's another episode of our favorite game show- Dueling Decades! February 1989 vs February 1990! These are the two closest dates we ever feuded with! Who takes this retro battle royal? #80s #90s #PodernFamily #Infirmary

I'm getting excited to roast the @DrinksWithLarry crew and the rest of the #civilizedcreatures network. Should be fun. My hope is @DrinksWithLarry @KermSherm17 @BeardedDadPod @Marriedasfuck @Blunt_Mommy @AaronDaTaurean @averyhalloween Will still talk to me when it's over.

Now this is what Twitter is all about. @BluntLiver is in a catfight with @BluntTitty. A battle of @Blunt_Mommy Twitter parody accounts. My money is on Liver. She seems more Savage. #catfight

Ep 48 - It's our ONE YEAR PODIVERSARY! Yes, there's wine AND Chocolate for #snackbook!

#Shoutouts to @SunPowerPod @epicfilmguys @InvasionRemake @ReelFeelsPod @thecabinetcast @KaraokBIGE
#PodernFamily #LadyPodSquad #Podfix #WLIPodPeeps on #Podbean

Happy #Humpday fam! @poboypod @Marriedasfuck @manbrain69 @STMPod @SHWYPN @HTNOS @madfatloud @BeardedDadPod @ChadFackler1 @Whos_right_pod @sensiblepeople @DrinksWithLarry @SimmonsandMoore @HankEvans1969 @ZeroFksGivenPod @ConvoXpodcast

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