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It's Sports Time this week on DWL! We talk NFL, #FantasyFootball, the creep of the week, #HurricaneDorian2019 wrecking vacations & more!

Check out the other shows on the @CivilizedEnt Network & our Creature Feature this week @michelekguild

A new episode has ARRIVED!!! This week we're joined by Brooke Fowler of @Marriedasfuck, where she talks about the Baton Rouge serial killer and her connection to the case. Then Sam and Julia team up to tackle the crimes of The Human Five. Don't miss it! #truecrime #PodernFamily

Happy #FF

New episode #95! Check it out, we had a blast recording this one! @Jodieb501 @delvin_cox @DrinksWithLarry @Earth_to_Adam @partynakedpod @NEPodWillDo @HTNOS @michelekguild @wiyht @PicksBones

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