Sit down, grab a drink, and join the conversation!

We’re doing things differently this week! We’ve been asked to do a pop quiz episode. So much fun! We love our fan requests!! Keep em cuming😘

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Uncle Randy busted out the Sunday best for the Final of Podcasts of the Roundtable! @Jodieb501 @RawAndUncutpod @Earth_to_Adam @AaronDaTaurean @Joe_Bouley @HTNOS @DrinksWithLarry @HEADB82 @BobbyMooreSAMPC @partynakedpod @WFODShow

Podcasts of the Roundtable Order for the Final! @johnjamingo @Earth_to_Adam @TheRealWutzke @DuchessWutzke @Jodieb501 @manbrain69 @partynakedpod @lilbigvince @Joe_Bouley @delvin_cox @UntrainedEyePod @wiyht @DrinksWithLarry @AaronDaTaurean

Hey everyone! A quick update. Our network is hosting the Season 1 finale of the Podcasts of the Round Table tonight at 9! Come check them out, I'll be lurking in the comments.

Jim is the bartender for the Corkscrew Saloon comedy nights and we are big fans of his choice in shirts.
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